Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Dock on Lake Harriet John Proposed

Well discovered what one of the adventures for the next year is going to be this Saturday! John and I- after an elaborate and thoughtful day filled with puzzle pieces, good friends, special places and a love note- got engaged. It was everything I could have ever dreamed up for a proposal and more- and by the time John got down on one knee- saying yes was the intuitive, right and only answer. It was one of my favorite days of being alive so far. I was able to relish and enjoy it moment by moment by moment. Magical doesn’t quite capture it.

And my daily experience since Saturday morning has been one of just pure, simple, fulfilled happiness. So much to look forward to, so much to appreciate and be thankful for- with no catch in sight. There is this small question happily singing in the back of my head- now what? Now what with God? With the future? With life? What are John and I going to do together? To be together? To accomplish together? I do not know but I have renewed faith it is going to be good. What is possible has newly expanded.

I want this season to be focused on giving to John, on him and I becoming closer to God and orienting our relationship around faith. I want our engagement season to function as a lighthouse lens- amplifying and reflecting light and joy and love to those around us. I want the “I” in my life to be more and more replaced by we and us. I want the year to be dictated by generosity- By affinity and authenticity- By community and being in concert with those around us.

I think back to a year ago- the struggles of the temporary breakup with John, the loneliness, the searching. All of it was to lead us successfully to the present. It was no coincidence to me that the friends and family members involved with Saturday’s proposal were those very people who supported me the most during our short and painful separation- Matt, Mike, Katherine, Lisa, Jenny, Erika and family, on and on. My cousin Erika reminded me how fitting even my last blog post was- the scavenger hunt John designed was so much like noticing lantern after lantern along the path of life.

One of the coolest parts of Saturday was an impromptu stop at my Grandfathers grave. The cemetery was aglow with fall- and my cousin Jenny and I searched and searched for David Dalquist’s leaf-covered plaque. The wind whispered its location and I finally gravitated towards the marker. We brushed it off and sat- thinking of all that was and is and is to come. It was fitting he was a part of the day’s journey. I left feeling blessed.

I am sure the potential content for this blog has become much richer. Now more than ever in the upcoming excitement and season of change (not like my life has been stagnant over the last year- let’s be honest) I see the importance of having a strong faith. Amidst a time where I think it would be easy to focus on myself- to instead be sure to focus on God and others. On growth, humility and appreciation.

New Chapter here we come! 

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  1. I can hear the joy in your writing and I am so happy for you! It is wonderful to be in love and to look into the future together. I am honored to have been a lantern on your path and I look forward to so much for you, Kelsie!