Friday, March 8, 2013

Positive Impact- Are you Actively Loving Others?

Given my last blog post, there has been a flurry of acitivity in my life. Stay tuned for how everything rolls out. I will say it has been unbelievable some of the things God has placed in my life over the last couple of weeks, if you want more immediate detail give me a call!

This post is dedicated to a simple concept: Measuring the difference you are making in other peoples lives. I know I sometimes think I make little to know difference in others lives, and I know many others who often discredit themselves or do not realize the difference that they make. And God tasks us very simply to love others- and given how broad that request is and can be, I want to parse out some of the ways I believe to tangibly succeed at this.

Therefore I am recreating some content from a "Gallup Group" survey- Let it be known they get full credit for generating the original content of these questions on their "Positive Impact" Quiz. See link below:

I hope in this context they are read in order to affirm you in all that you are doing for others as well as inspire you in some new ways in which you could do more. Here are the questions up for consideration:

In life, have you lately:
  1. Helped someone in the last 24 hours?
  2. Been expectionally courteous to someone?
  3. Maintained a positive outlook and encouraged others to be positive?
  4. Praised someone in the last 24 hours?
  5. Developed a knack for making other people feel good?
  6. Told someone in the last 24 hours you care about them?
  7. Made a point to be acquinted with new people I have met?
  8. When I am recognized, Do I allow it to fuel me to recognize someone else?
  9. Have I listened to someone talk through his goals/ambitions?
  10. Have I made unhappy people laugh?
  11. I notice and celebrate when people in my life do things at a level of excellence?
  12. Have I forgiven someone recently?
  13. I Always smile at people I meet?
  14. I feel good about giving genuine praise for good work?
What are other questions you think should be added to this list? Were you surprised by some of your answers to this list? Who in your life do you think is good at practicing the actions on this list? For me, I think of my mother, sister and grandmother especially- though there are many others in my life who also embody these questions.

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  1. These questions put a huge smile on my face. It is the little things that count so much, and for most of us, recognizing that we can answer yes to these questions and that doing these "little" things are truly what brings us daily joy in life is such a positive thing to focus on! I love the fact that most of those I know and love, myself included, can answer yes to these questions--not only answer yes but LOVE living out these questions every day. It is truly what life is all about--"we are not here to see through eachother, but to see each other through!" I am so thankful that God is working out great answers in your life, Kelsie!!